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The main objective of the Conference was to present the Intellectual outputs, developed by the partners within the framework of the REF project.

Output 1 – A training course for primary school teachers and resource teachers;

Output 2 – A set of activities with students aimed at increasing their motivation to read, and providing additional support to those who have reading difficulties.

There were … core presentations:

1/ Project REF – the idea, main aims and objectives, partners

2/ The REF Course (Output 1) – All six modules of the REF training course and the Set of Worksheets were presented to the event participants.

3/ The Pilot training (Output 1) – “From theory to practice” – participants in the Pilot training shared their experience and opinion about the training materials

4/ REF – Reading Classrooms (Output 2) – teachers presented the activities they realized with children in different sections.

5/ Why it was important for the school to take part in REF project (Outputs 1 and 2) – headmaster of one of the schools where the project activities were implemented

6/ Children and Reading – a librarian about children’s reading habits and interests and what libraries do to attract young readers.

During the conference were presented abstracts of two of the performances prepared by pupils in the Reading on stage section: the first – based on several fairy tales; the second – based on Gianni Rodari and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Was organised an exhibition with children’s illustrations, stories, reader’s diaries – done by children in different sections.

During the breaks participants had a chance to enjoy a slide show with children’s works and photos taken during the project activities in all partner countries.

The participants demonstrated great interest; there have already been several calls  and a couple e-mails from Conference participants who are asking for further information. Plus an invitation from a primary school for organising a teacher training for the whole staff in the beginning of the next school year.