When planning the activities of the project seminars and the recruitment of participants, our team’s aim was to include the greatest possible number of primary school teachers, teachers working in pre-school education institutions and preparing children for school and support staff specialists (speech therapists, special teachers) of different educational institutions in order to ensure that information and the content of the modules, developed by different countries together within the project, are going to be acquired by the largest possible number of teachers and specialists.

Information on the opportunity for the teachers to participate in the theoretical – practical seminars and the invitation for the ones interested in to apply was sent to the education authorities of Latvia’s Eastern part – Latgale Region. The level of response and interest was high. 34 participants of all applications were selected and included in the group, provided that not more than 2 teachers or specialists represent one educational institution.

There were four face-to-face training sessions (6 academic hours each with respective breaks) – on 21.10.; 22.10.; 4.11.; 5.11. 2016. There were 29 teachers and 5 SEN specialists registered for the training. All participants took part in all four sessions. All 34 participants successfully completed the training.