One year after the start of the project REF: Reading with Ease and Fun partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey got together in Ruse, Bulgaria for their forth project meeting.

Because of the complicated situation in Turkey (where the meeting should have been held in accordance with the Proposal) partners decided to change the location and to have the meeting in Bulgaria. The meeting was hosted by Asociacia Dyslexia – Bulgaria.

By the time of the meeting all the materials of Output 1 (Handbook and Set of Worksheets) were ready, and in process of translation into the partner languages. Partners discussed the parameters of the upcoming Pilot training, and the beginning of the Activities with students (Output 2).

Representatives of the partner organizations who took part in the meeting celebrated the first “birthday” of the REF team a special cake. Everybody shares their satisfaction of the collaboration and expressed the wish to find a way to keep working together in future.

At the end of the meeting participants visited the ancient rock monastery in Ivanovo (30 km away from Ruse).IMG_1924