It was decided that working with the teachers in a school would be more effective because it would allow the implementation of the project outputs to be monitored and evaluated and the results of the applications made possible to be compared. In this way – when all the teachers staff working in the school join the education,the climate in the school will change and the teachers will contribute to the creativity of the application stage and their teamwork( activities with children).

The chosen school for the application is the primary school where the two  schools have troubles intensely related to reading and reading reading comprehension of the individuals who are disadvantaged in our district.The teacher staff that is interested in education and have high motivation  for the activities planned  for the next few months and  put into practice with students.

Between 19/23 December 2016 5 days totally 30 hours face to face education  programme  was done. 48 teachers including 10 SEN Specialists  joined the education and all attendees  took part in 5 sessions.46 teachers completed their education successfully.

More than 80% of participants assessed the training as very good, useful, understandable and practically oriented.