Because of the specifics of the project activities, and especially the link between the training course and activities with students during the second year, DABG decided that it would be more effective if we work with teachers from one school. This way – when the whole pedagogical staff is trained, along with the SEN specialists who also work in this school, it will help the formation of the understanding and supporting atmosphere, will provoke teachers’ creativity in the implementation phase (activities with children) and will let them to work in team/s.

In order to choose a school, DABG team met with the school headmasters from several schools, presented the project idea, the topic of the training, the stricture and the activities that teachers are expected to realise during the second year; and discussed the opportunity to realise all these activities in each of the schools that expressed their interest to participate in the project.

The school that was chosen for the implementation is a mainstream public primary school with good results in the inclusive education during the last years. The pedagogical staff is very enthusiastic, interested in the topic of the training and ready to put efforts in realisation of the activities with students planned for the next few months.

There were three face-to-face training sessions (8 academic hours each with respective breaks) – on 3rd, 10th and 17th December 2016. There were 27 teachers and 5 SEN specialists registered for the training. All participants took part in all three sessions. All 32 Participants successfully completed the training.

The training was rated as very good, emphasising on the quality of the training materials, the presentation, the organisation and the atmosphere.