REF – 1st Partner meeting in Madrid

  • Reading with Ease and Fun – REF
  • 1st Partner meeting
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 6th – 7th October 2015


The project idea completely corresponds with chosen priorities. The main objective of the project is to develop a complete Training Course for primary school teachers and SEN staff. The content of the Course has been discussed within the partnership and the main topics have been chosen to answer the specific needs of the target groups in the partner countries. They will provide primary school teachers who are directly engaged with the process of initial literacy acquisition, and SEN staff that supports small pupils who have difficulties to learn to read, with proper knowledge and understanding of the reading process, effectiveness of reading, possible difficulties children may face, and emotional and motivational issues. I addition to the theoretical modules, a set of Worksheets will be developed, which will add value to the training materials providing teachers and SEN staff with practical knowledge and skills.